How to Stop Self Doubt

Dec 03, 2020

What do you do when you are about to try something new? 

How do you feel when you are about to step outside of your comfort zone? 


When you’re about to try or start something new it is normal to feel nervous, anxious, or stressed. Just like when it’s your first time to face a large audience, or if it’s your first time to give a long speech, or if it’s your first time to do a procedure. In these sort of situations it is normal to lose your cool and feel self doubt. It’s like there’s a small voice at the back of your head saying that you can’t do it, or that you are not good enough, it’s like there’s a voice inside of you telling you to stop. This feeling is normal. It is normal for you to fear something you’ve never done before, and because of this fear you question your own abilities, your own capacity. 


But, this is a lie. 


Remember, fear is normal, but fear doesn’t mean failure. 


Fear is actually a guide. Fear is your neurochemical reaction. It’s something that’s happening in your brain and  in your body affected by your hormones. And the interesting thing is, the stress hormone cortisone brings about epinephrine, more adrenaline and cortisol. A bit of fight or flight reaction is going on inside of you. 


What’s amazing is that it is the same neuroendocrine response, the same mind and body  reaction you have, it is the same hormones going on in your body when you are excited! 


This is what I felt before, to be honest even up to now. I still get nervous when I’m about to give a speech or talk to a large audience. I too have felt fear and self doubt during those times. So how did I overcome it? How did I overpower my fear and self doubt? I tricked my mind. 


Here is my tip for you, trick your mind to handle self doubt. Say this to yourself: “I’m excited, I’m excited, I’m excited”. Say I’m excited to yourself three times. 


Remember, excitement, and fear and anxiety has the same chemical response to the body. Trick your mind to thinking that your fear of trying something new is actually a feeling of excitement. Shift your fear to excitement. All you have to do is trick your mind and you’ll be amazed what cognitive refraining can do for you. Some even say that cognitive reframing is equal to 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation.


Let your inner voice of confidence out. Overcome your fear by speaking out. Trick your mind and change fear into excitement. You have the power to influence yourself and others through your voice, so use it. Use your power of speech and inspire yourself and others.