Friendly Universe

beliefs empower universe Sep 02, 2020

Your brain, my brain, Einstein's brain are all essentially the same. The amazing thing about the human mind is the ability to turn ideas into reality! We can literally breathe our beliefs to life. This is the power of our minds. Beliefs are not necessarily good or bad. There are no universal truths for beliefs. They can be either empowering or disempowering. We create our beliefs and our beliefs make us.

Some people call it the "Law of Attraction." We can manifest our thoughts into reality. There is some scientific evidence regarding this. There is a part of the human brain called the  Reticular activating system (RAS) that helps us find whatever idea or belief that is on our minds. Subconsciously we have no idea that we are focusing on the things we set on our minds be it good or bad. For example, if the color white was constantly mentioned, your subconscious mind through the RAS helps you see everything around you with the color white.

It is important that we bring awareness to our thoughts. Inherently our primitive reptilian brain was set to look for dangers around us. This means our brain constantly looks for the dangers around us. This is the negativity bias, we usually have 8-9 negative thoughts for every 1-2 positive thoughts. This is also one of the many possible reasons why we should bring awareness to our thoughts. Constant attention to the bad things around us may spiral us into depression. Our subconscious mind responds to a lot of pictures and scenes. The news and media which is generally negative can have an effect on our well-being.

Choose beliefs that empower you. A belief in a friendly Universe is one of the many things you can believe. Believe that the universe has your back. Believe in yourself. And believe that the world is good. 

As soon as we become aware of the actual power of our mind we can do anything.  

Love you all

Jonathan Flordelis